Saro Reducing Braid Cradle Protector

A modern, decorative and much softer alternative compared to traditional protectors!

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Saro Reducing Braid - Cradle Protector protects the baby against any hit against the crib bars and prevents it from getting stuck between them.


  • Perfect to use from the first days: the newborn will feel comfortable and safe in his crib, as the braid serves as a reducer and creates a smaller space, which will give him tranquility.
  • When the baby grows up, they can continue to use it in their bed as a barrier to prevent the child from leaving.
  • Soft and very soft for excellent comfort.
  • When rolled up, it can be used as a pillow by any member of the family.
  • Its design will brighten any room in the house.
  • 230 cm long.