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Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa
Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa

Kinderkraft Mimi Rosa

Minimalist hammock for your baby with 3-level backrest adjustment and very light and easily foldable. Ideal for travel.

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Mimi is a minimalist hammock that provides children with comfort and relaxation in an appropriate environment. It helps to calm the child even in very agitated moments. In addition, thanks to the absence of excessive stimulation, the child can calm down more quickly. On the other hand, the little one has at his disposal a removable bow with 2 toys that will make his moment of relaxation more fun.


  • Natural swing: The baby itself activates the swing of the hammock. This happens thanks to the natural movements of the child's body. Thanks to the minimalist solutions (absence of lights and melodies at high volume), the hammock does not generate excessive stimuli and allows the child to relax properly.
  • 3-level backrest adjustment: Thanks to the 3-level backrest adjustment, you can easily choose the right position for your child. You can adapt the hammock layout depending on your child's weight and current needs.
  • Great for travel: It's a very light and compact hammock. Plus, it folds in an instant.
  • Back support: Comfortable seat evenly distributes your child's weight. The fabric hugs and supports the child's back so that the spine adopts a natural and proper posture.
  • Toy Arch: The hammock has an arch with removable toys. This accessory will encourage you to reach out and practice your grip, and when it's time to calm down, you can easily drop the bow.
  • Seat belt: The hammock has 3-point seat belts that you can adjust according to your child's height.
  • Base (width x length): 72cmx35cm.
  • Backrest height: 58.5/61.5/64.5cm.
  • Creased: 82cm x 40cm x 19cm.
  • Seat dimensions: 28x15cm.
  • Backrest dimensions: 46.5x31cm.
  • Weight: 2.35 kg.
  • For children (child's age): From birth to 9kg (or until baby starts to sit up).