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Kin derkraft Koya Children's Bed 4in1 With Mattress

Children's bed 4 in 1. Co-bed, cot (90x60cm), children's bed (120x60cm) and playground.

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koya was designed for parents who want to spend as much time as possible with their children and always be close to them. It can be used as a co-bed, crib (90x60 cm), children's bed (120x60 cm) and playground.


  • The functions are easily combined and therefore you can use it from the first days up to approximately 2 years.
  • There is a safe distance between the crib rails, which increases the baby's safety during sleep and play.
  • Bars on all sides of the crib not only provide the baby with adequate air circulation, but also allow the parents to observe what the child is doing. Both in the co-sleeping option, as in the crib or playpen option, the father will not lose sight of the baby.
  • It is painted with paints suitable for children. They have been tested and are non-toxic to babies.
  • The lower part of the co-sleeping crib can be adjusted to 3 heights.
  • Both in the crib and in the children's bed, the base is adjustable in height on 4 levels. Adapts to your baby's level of development.
  • It is equipped with wheels: to move the cradle, just release the lock.
  • Thanks to the straps, you will easily attach the bed to your bed.
  • The set includes a mattress adapted to the needs of small children that will serve both as a small crib and as a co-sleeping crib.
  • The crib has the option to expand from 90 x 60 cm to 120 x 60 cm. It's perfect for small rooms and larger interiors.
  • Weight: 21kg.
  • Co-bed: 90x60x81.4cm.
  • Small cradle: 90x60x81.4cm.
  • Large cradle: 120x60x81.4cm.
  • Park: 120x60x81.4cm.