Suavinex Special Occasions Bottle 270ml

Suavinex Special Occasions Bottle 270ml

Silicone teat, indicated from birth.

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Suavinex bottle with a capacity of 270 ml.

A design ethnic and care to detail with a round teat with variable flow, made of silicone. Highly resistant and non-deformable material.

Made of polyamide, a material as transparent as glass and resistant as plastic.

Its large diameter makes it easier for parents to prepare and clean, in addition to enhancing its stability, while its ergonomic shape allows for greater safety and comfort.

The teat adapts to the baby's needs and the type of food, in addition to having anti-colic valves on the base that prevent the hiccups and cramps caused by ingesting air.

To adjust the position of the teat, simply turn it on the bottle, thus regulating the intensity of liquid output, ensuring correct suction from the first day.

Warning: The recommended sterilization method is to put the bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes, at a maximum temperature of 100º. Do not sterilize in microwaves.