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Chicco Biberão Latex +2m 250ml
Chicco Biberão Latex +2m 250ml

Chicco Latex Baby Bottle + 2m 250ml

With physiological teat and anti-colic valve.

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Chicco Latex Baby Bottle + 2m provides maximum comfort for the baby and maximum serenity for the mother.


  • The physiological teat with anti-colic valve allows breastfeeding to be calm and serene.
  • They are indicated for all stages of growth of the baby because they are extremely practical and resistant.
  • Anti-colic valve - Avoids the risk of ingesting air, reducing colic, hiccups and regurgitation.
  • Embossed rings - Simulate the breast and increase the flexibility and elasticity of the teat.
  • Wide base - Ensures adequate support during suction and ensures a natural grip, throughout the teat.
  • Anti-drip cap - Ideal and safe during transport.
  • Adjustable flow - Ideal for babies.

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