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Nuk First Choice + Baby Rose & Blue Pink Silicone Teat Bottle 0-6m 300ml

NUK orthodontic teat with extra wide lip support. Teat size 1 (0-6m) M (medium orifice = for milks).

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Nuk First Choice + Baby Rose & Blue Silicone Teat Bottle systematically combines all the orthodontic advantages of the NUK teat shape to simulate breastfeeding - perfect for when you can't breastfeed.


  • Anti-Colic System Nuk Air System: allows the management of the air flow so that the baby can drink in a relaxed way, without swallowing air.
  • NUK orthodontic teat with extra wide lip support.
  • Extra wide nozzle: making filling and cleaning easier. The bottle's slightly tapered shape allows for a firm grip and the wide base offers the necessary stability.
  • Particularly soft teat with the right shape for the jaw: silicone, size 1 (0-6 months) M (medium orifice = for milks), size 2 (6-18m) L (wide orifice = for thicker milks).
  • Material: polypropylene.
  • Available in different colors and motifs.
  • Can be combined with all products in the NUK First Choice + line.