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Martiderm Originals Proteos Hydra Plus 10 ampolas
Martiderm Originals Proteos Hydra Plus 10 ampolas

Martiderm Originals Proteos Hydra Plus 10 ampoules

Martiderm Originals Proteos Hydra Plus in ampoules moisturize intensely, are antioxidants and provide luminosity.

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Ideal for the correction of face and neck wrinkles, as well as signs of flaccidity, caused by sun exposure and environmental oxidative stress.

Proteoglycans SPF 15 are ampoules formulated with proteoglycans of vegetable origin at 3% high power to repair skin damage due to its water-holding and firming capacity.

In combination with pure Vitamin C at 5% which exerts a preventive action against the appearance of new wrinkles due to the antioxidant power of vitamin C, which neutralizes the harmful capacity of free radicals. Aid in the production of collagen and has a depigmenting effect

The fluid texture is very easy to be absorbed and instantly leaves the skin smooth, but without any feeling of greasiness.

They contain UVA / UVB sunscreens that protect against radiation.

Directions for use:

To apply Martiderm Original Hydra Plus Proteos from morning directly on the face, neck and chest area after cleaning and before applying other products.

You can use 1 ampoule for a period of 2 days, placing the cap on the base provided for storage.