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DC Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Reactive Skin / Rosacea 50ml

Fresh, non-greasy emulsion that promotes an immediate sensation of freshness, calming and emollient.

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DC Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Reactive Skin / Rosacea has an Anti-Wrinkle action and “Filler” Effect. It also promotes a “Lifting” Effect.

The Anti-Wrinkle action is conferred by the presence of an innovative anti-aging ingredient, DHMC (Dihydroxymethyl-chromone), with “retinol-like” action but without the irritating effects of retinol. In addition to its Anti-Wrinkle action, DHMC also promotes a soothing and calming action. The presence of anti-oxidants (Resveratrol and Polyphenols) prevents the degradation of collagen and elastin fibers, while exercising a calming and anti-irritant action.

DC Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Reactive Skin / Rosacea still has in its constitution substances with action at the level of microcirculation (escin and triterpenes of the Asian spark), reducing redness and the formation of telangiectasias (strokes). Sun filters (SPF12) prevent the aggravation of reactive, sensitive and rosacea skin caused by solar radiation.

Like the rest of the DC Reactive Skin / Rosacea line, it is formulated from ingredients inspired by the “Sauvignon Blanc” variety. Its green tint allows to disguise the unsightly red signs, characteristic of Reactive Skin and / or with Rosacea (Couperose).

DC Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Reactive Skin / Rosacea prevents the aging and photoaging of sensitive, reactive or rosacea skin (Couperose).

Directions for use:

Apply to previously cleaned skin with DC “Remove” Reactive Skin / Rosacea, massaging gently until completely absorbed. DC Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Reactive Skin / Rosacea (at night) can be combined with DC Moisturizing Reactive Skin / Rosacea (in the morning).

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