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SVR Densitum Concentrado 30ml
SVR Densitum Concentrado 30ml

SVR Densitium Concentrate 30ml

Concentrated against sagging face and neck.

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This anti-wrinkle and redensifier concentrate that has 2 important active ingredients in its composition: ultra fractionated hyaluronic acid and bio calcium.

The bio calcium, physiological complex easily absorbed by the skin , it's composed by L-PCA (L-pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid ) and calcium . This complex acts effectively in sagging skin through the inhibition of MMP-1 (an enzyme that breaks down collagen) and reinforces the skin barrier as it stimulates the differentiation of keratinocytes and promotes cell cohesion.

The ultra fractionated Hyaluronic acid has a 60 times greater penetration in the skin than the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, thus acting in depth on the skin.

The skin is firmer, smoother and perfectly hydrated.

Directions for Use:

Apply morning and / or evening alone or in addition to day / night cream.