Sesderma C-VIT Serum 7ml x 5 ampoules

Sesderma C-VIT Serum 7ml x 5 ampoules

Prevention and treatment of skin aging processes.

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Sesderma C-VIT Serum is an intensive single dose of shock against skin photoaging.


  • Concentrate of active ingredients to enhance the benefits of anti-aging and depigmenting care. Contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and a potent cocktail of antioxidants. Adjuvant in anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks and scar care, as vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • Lightens and improves the appearance of blemishes. Excellent complement in depigmenting care, against rosacea or acne.
  • Suitable for all skin types (including skin with acne and rosacea).
  • Improves the appearance of skin with excess sun exposure.
  • Thanks to its translucent crystal packaging, the active ingredients are preserved from light and oxygen, in perfect condition, until the moment of application.

Usage advice:

Cleanse and balance your skin. With Sensyses Lightening you prefer to clean your skin with a solution and cotton pad, or with Hidraven foam cream if you prefer cleansing with water. Then, press the lid until the upper chamber joins with the lower chamber to mix. Shake well. Deposit the contents in the palm of your hand and apply evenly to the face, neck and décolleté with gentle touches. (or on the area of the body you want). Then apply your usual care. Once the product is mixed, it is kept for 7 days with maximum stable vitamin C effectiveness. We recommend using C-Vit serum regularly, as an excellent revitalizer for your skin. Maximize its effect by using Acglicolic ampoules the night before or by exfoliating your skin weekly.