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Galénic Pureté Sublime Máscara Esfoliante 50ml
Galénic Pureté Sublime Máscara Esfoliante 50ml

Galénic Pureté Sublime Exfoliating Mask 50ml

A 2-in-1 cream that combines the benefits of an anti-glare mask with the effectiveness of a descaling cleaning.

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Cream-green water mask sprinkled with exfoliating microspheres, with acidified green notes accentuated by a delicate floral aroma of orange blossom and jasmine.

Main active substance

Granite water of the Pyrenees

Complementary active substances

- Anti-glare fat reducing zinc
- Soothing witch hazel floral water
- Ultra-absorbent micro-powders
- Ultra-fat-absorbing fine clay powder
- Exfoliating microspheres to eliminate impurities


Since the composition of the Granite Water of the Pyrenees and Zinc is highly concentrated in unstable and incompatible minerals, Master Formulator Galénic used a formulation technique called chelation. This technique makes it possible to conserve the active substances by creating a highly concentrated, powerful and extremely stable complex.

Directions for use:

Apply all over the dry and clean face. Leave on for 5 minutes. Massage with moistened fingertips. Rinse with plenty of water. Use 1 to 2 times a week.
Avoid contact with eyes.