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Vichy Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peeling Ampoules 10 Units
Vichy Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peeling Ampoules 10 Units

Vichy Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peeling Ampoules 10 Units

Anti-aging innovation that corrects different types of hyperpigmentation (dark spots, age and acne marks).

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Vichy Liftactiv Glyco-C Night Peeling Ampoules they are indicated to attenuate the visible signs of age and dark spots, irregular complexion and lack of luminosity.


  • Formulated with the powerful Vichy Volcanic Water, enriched with 10% of an active complex that includes Glycolic Acid, a dermatological reference in the reduction of dark spots and Vitamin Cg.
  • Clinically proven efficacy.
  • With 10% of glycolic acid complex: lightens and exfoliates, reducing dark spots
  • With vitamin Cg: the Glycolic Acid complex also contains Vitamin Cg, a lightening active that restores the skin's luminosity and corrects hyperpigmentation.
  • With Vichy volcanic water: strengthens the skin's natural defenses. Rich in 15 essential minerals.
  • With hyaluronic acid of natural origin: it reduces the transepidermal loss of water keeping it in the horny extract.
  • Highly concentrated formula with only 11 ingredients.
  • Optimal preservation: Until the opening, the formula is protected from light, UV radiation and oxidation thanks to the amber hermetic glass ampoule. After opening, it remains intact for up to 48 hours.
  • The right daily dose: Half an ampoule for one application: apply at night, as part of the daily routine.

Directions for use:

Tap the top of the vial gently with your finger to ensure that the formula is on one side. With both hands, break the ampoule with a handkerchief. Insert the plastic applicator into the open ampoule. Remove the plastic applicator cap and press the ampoule. Apply with a cotton pad across the face, neck and around the eyes, avoiding the lash line. For more precise effectiveness, gently massage on crow's feet wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles and neck folds, lion's wrinkles and forehead wrinkles. Close the applicator with the plastic applicator head, previously separated, to preserve the formula and avoid any loss. Leave on and wait 30 seconds before applying your cream or serum.

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